Street artist – L7m

Many months ago I came across THE most exquisite bird street art and I tried to find the artist behind it and come up short. Tonight I got lucky….I discovered who he is, a Brazilian street artist named L7m.  Lucky for me, Brazilian blogger, Fernande Hinke was able to track L7m down, interviewed him and also made a video.  He is ONE talented guy!


L7m started painting as a child. At the age of 13, he got an award from the local city hall (Pequeno Cidadão, or Little Citizen), an artistic competition among all city schools. When he was 16, a cousin from São Paulo introduced him to pixação. Today, at the age of 24, the self-taught graffitist, also a follower of “urbex”, artistic interventions on isolated places, has faced prejudice and participated on collective exhibitions in Germany, Portugal, Israel and Chile.

L7M2L7M1L7M3**Click on the caption button on the video to get English subtitles

Please check out Fernande’s blog, My Life on my Bike, it’s full of STREET ART, interviews, exhibitions, etc!

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