Do you know what Mixology is? In fashion speak, it’s the term used for mixing and matching patterns.  In the last few years, Mixology has taken over street style and there are some Master Mixologists now amongst us.

I personally LOVE the Mixologists, mostly because I am not bold enough to join them, nor do I have the eye.  I remember when my daughter was five, she became obsessed with her wardrobe. I finally relented and started letting her pick out her own outfits…and boy did I have to learn to stay quiet.  She would start grabbing polka dots, paisleys and plaid and I’d cringe, but she went by instincts and about 98% of the time, her outfits were AMAZING!  She would get compliments from all the other parents at school. She’s mastered mixology.



via Elle France

I think it’s easier for a five year old, they don’t know peer pressure or fashion rules. They just know what they like and I think that’s the secret to Mixology.  Just sit back, and let the creativity FLOW! Vive le Mixology!


**originally written for Notorious magazine

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