Field candy tents

I’ve been meaning to write a post on glamping…and how it’s really the only way women will camp. I went camping with my daughter’s girl scout troop last month and it made me realize some vital things about women and camping.  Most women like amenities, lots of food and comfort. I promise to write a post soon on how to glamp and enjoy yourself, but for the time being…here’s an accessory that will ensure a GREAT camping trip.  Who wants a dingy old tent to sleep in? Set your camp site apart from all the rest with Field Candy‘s tents. Field Candy has enlisted the help of many well known designers to design their tents. How could you not have a great time camping in one of these tents?!



FieldCandy exists to inject colour, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs. We aim to delight our customers and excite anyone who sees our products.

field candy3field-candy-tent

field candy1


FieldCandy tents are fun. But they’re serious too. They keep you as dry in the rain and as snug in a gale as any conventional high performance tent. And because we use a good old-fashioned cotton inner tent, you don’t get the condensation that comes as standard with most modern tents.


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