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I remember when I was 9, living in London, I used to watch Top of the Pops.  I didn’t realize at the time what a lucky girl I was to be living in England when music was SO amazing! Blondie were regular guests on the show and I remember thinking how gorgeous Debbie Harry was and how I wanted to be just like her.  Debbie Harry was the real deal…an authentic New York rock star.  She stuck to her guns, stayed true to her music and has remained so for her full career. Can you imagine the stories she could tell?  Her days at Studio 54 and hanging with Andy Warhol?  New York in the early 80’s must have been so exciting…art was being made as was history. Someone was just asking me the other day who I’d want to have dinner with, if I could choose anyone and I think Ms Harry would be in the mix….of course Andy Warhol would be too… Debbie Harry’s a true American icon and can I just say, she still looks AMAZING!  Lucky for us…Blondie’s back in the recording studio and they are releasing their 10th album, “Ghosts of Download” which will hit the airwaves sometime in May.

Debbie Harry 2013

Debbie Harry 2013


T MAGAZINE: What would the 25-year-old Debbie Harry think about the 40th anniversary of Blondie?

HARRY: I don’t think we would have even considered that it would happen. The first seven years that Blondie was together was mayhem. It was chaotic, we worked nonstop, we had a crappy record deal, we had crappy management, you know, it was really a struggle. I didn’t expect the band to get back together. If Chris hadn’t made it happen, it wouldn’t have.

blondie collage1

TIMES MAGAZINE: Tell us what to expect from the new disc.

HARRY: Well, there were a lot of people who contributed to this album, a lot more writers. So I think in a way it’s a much more traditional Blondie album, because we always had a lot of contributors. I think the music is moving, it’s bright, it’s danceable. The attitude of it and the strength of it are very similar to “Parallel Lines,” so I’m very happy about that.

Debbie and Andy

Debbie and Andy

TIMES MAGAZINE: Is 2014 Debbie Harry wiser than 1974 Debbie Harry?

HARRY: Oh, possibly. Maybe I have a better, more comprehensive view of human nature. But I still have my shortfalls!

Interview via TMAGAZINE.


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