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One of my favorite pinners on Pinterest is Beth of the blog, Local milk.  I love her pinnings so much I decided to go stalk her and check out her blog.  Beth is one talented gal, not only does she whip up amazingly delicious menus, but she superbly photographs them and then, well…for me it’s her WORDS. She hails from Tennessee, went to University in New Orleans and spent many a summer in the Netherlands.  She’s a gifted poet and writer as well. She had me at her about page. I particularly liked reading about her trip to Ireland and admiring her AMAZING photos!  Below are excerpts from her about page.

Don’t get me wrong, I like tea towels and bowls of lemons in sun-dappled kitchens, really, I do. And I think cake is swell, grand even. I love the farmer’s market and the flea market and candle lit dinner parties and all of those cheerful, earnest things that seem so ubiquitous on food blogs. But what I’m really enamored with is the texture of life itself from bone marrow to neuroscience, relationships to mortality. I’m not interested in an aseptic silence that avoids discomfort. There are messes, tears, failure, and heartache. And there is sweetness, fresh bread, vertiginously passionate kisses, and good work to be done. And there is poetry in all of it.”

A Bolt of Blue - cool blog: Local MilkA Bolt of Blue - cool blog: Local MilkA Bolt of Blue - cool blog: Local Milk
She writes about food, emotion, memories and moments and she sums it all up so beautifully. Visiting her blog will leave you happier and more fulfilled than you were before…
To learn more about Beth, check out this great interview on the Free People blog, or…follow Beth on Pinterest, and…check out her blog!
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