Cool idea – Painted table cloth!

Last year I pinned a photo of a pink striped table cloth from Anthropologie. I remember once I pinned it, I thought how easy it would be to paint a table cloth myself…but I’m lazy…and it never happened!  Luckily for us, Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day isn’t lazy and took on this project and makes it look SO easy.  Now that I have her tutorial, I’m off to paint a table cloth…and BEST of all…what a GREAT excuse to have a summer party!

Table cloth from Anthropologie

Table cloth from Anthropologie


For this tablecloth you want the lines straight which is why we used painters tape but the trick is to paint another stroke along the edges after you pull the tape off. This makes them look imperfect. (Forgive the iphone photos. We didn’t have a decent camera on us when we were painting.)

Materials: Drop Cloth, Beige Linen TableclothFabric Paints in: Florescent Pink, White, & Black, Painters Tape, Large Paintbrush

Step 1: Layout the drop cloth and tablecloth in a large flat area.
Step 2: Decide how many stripes you want to use. (We did 5.) Tape the spaces you want to paint in varying thickness. Leave the gaps between in varying thickness also.
Step 3: Mix paint. To create these colors we used fluorescent pink out of the tube. For light pink, we added some white paint to the florescent pink and a little water. And for the very light pink, we added a little florescent pink to a lot of white. For the gray, we used white with a little black.
Step 4: Paint each stripe a color using confident strokes.
Step 5: Remove the tape and run the paintbrush along both edges of the painted stripe. This will create a rough imperfect look.

neon tablecloth-1



via : Oh Happy Day 

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