Cool idea – Revamp your old chairs!

I just moved to New York ten months ago and I spent many months going through closets and getting rid of stuff, just to move here and have my storage container of seven years dumped at my feet.  Inside were CHAIRS…many of them! I think I have a bit of a chair fetish. I finally faced my inner hoarder and put some out on the curb but what I couldn’t part with went into my closets….waiting for rehab.  And this summer I have BIG plans for those chairs!  Check out all the cool ideas for spiffing up old chairs!


Folding chairs have NEVER looked so good! Spray paint and fabric make ALL the difference!


Hooray for SPRAY PAINT!


Numbers and stripes…think of all the possibilities!

(via Laisr)


Why not paint a landscape?

(via Swarm)


How fun is this?

(via Namedesignstudio)


Don’t throw those maps away!

(via Salvagelove)


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