An abandoned farmhouse turned into a DOLLHOUSE!

I love art in unexpected places….like when street artists turn old city walls into canvases, or yarn bombers transform regular poles or signs into things of beauty. Wherever I go I am constantly looking for signs of art, and nowadays they are EVERYWHERE…even in the country…in an abandoned farmhouse! Artist Heather Benning of Saskatchewan, Canada came across an abandoned farmhouse and something about it triggered an emotional reaction and she knew what she had to do….turn it into a…DOLLHOUSE.  She knocked out the back walls, inserted plexiglass, painted each room with a pop of color, decorated with vintage furniture a la 1960 and VOILA….THE coolest abandoned farmhouse/dollhouse in the country!







Unfortunately after six years as a “dollhouse”, the house was deemed unsafe and Heather had to burn it down.

dollhouse5via the ALWAYS brilliant…Messyness


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