Beauty Raves!

This month our beauty raver is Lisa from Seattle.  I have shared many a girl’s night out with Lisa during my Seattle years and on one of my visits back I introduced her to my friend Steve, who is now her husband!  Lisa is Maxine’s mother….a dog walker by profession, and THE best person to talk to whenever you want to go ANYWHERE in Seattle.  She should really work event planning into her dog walking business.  Check out Lisa’s beauty raves!


Frownies (also available at Walgreens and Amazon)




I’ve been using these for years from a recommendation from a friend and I love them! They are a budget conscious alternative for expensive and toxic injections.  I apply them between my eyes before bed and in the morning Voila!, smooth skin.




Fresh Sugar Lip treatment SPF 15





I’m a bit obsessed about finding the perfect lip treatment, so after trying my free birthday gift in 2012 from Sephora I was hooked! I love the smell, the hint of color and the bonus of SPF 15. It leaves my lips smooth and protected.




Josie Maran Argan Oil (also available at Sephora and Amazon)







This is my favorite night moisturizer for hands, feet and face especially in the drier winter months. It works wonders on my cuticles and “laugh lines” around eyes and mouth.  A little goes along way so the .5 fl oz bottle is a bargain.





**Interesting note…Kris Jenner (Khardashian mama) promotes Frownies and got into some trouble…

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