Street artist – Stikki Peaches and the MURAL festival

What I absolutely LOVE about the internet is the sharing of information, and the feeling that the world is now accessible.  Last week I got an email from Emily, who is a rep for the acclaimed Canadian street artist, Stikki Peaches. She had seen some of his work in my Pinterest account and sent me a link to his Tumblr. I emailed her back and told her I not only knew his work but had already written about it, on Notorious magazine.  I am a HUGE street art fan and I am happy to show you the latest work from Stikki Peaches and tell you about the amazing MURAL festival that is going on in Montreal.

Stikki Peaches BatBond[1]


KissDaddy Montreal 2013[1]


What’s up with your statement “What if Art Ruled the World?”

SP: i was curious about as to what another person would answer to this question! For me the answer to this is very simply because i’m able to express myself with what i’m truly inspired by, from my youth to this very day. Art heals, inspires, influences, changes, lasts, or doesn’t, but its seen across the universe from different eyes and minds, telling different stories, here’s mine…


Retired Godfather


The MURAL festival in Montreal is being held June 13-16th.  I LOVE the whole concept, 35 local and international artists have been asked to come and cover a 2km stretch of wall space, creating a FREE open ART GALLERY! Artists included are Ricardo Cavolo(Spain), ROA (Belgium), Escif (Spain), Phlegm (England) and Pixel Pancho (Italy), along with numerous Montreal artists, including OmenJason BotkinLabronaOtherA’shopLe BonnardParia CrewSkin JackinGarbage BeautyEn Masse and Stikki Peaches Events will be held each night to promote the event. It’s SUCH a cool idea….let’s all meet up in MONTREAL!


Kiss Daddy


**To read more about Stikki Peaches check out this interview on: Art Intake

and….THANKS so much to Emily Robertson!

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