David Bowie – The Stars Are Out Tonight (video)

I’m in heaven.  Two of my favorite androgynous heroes have teamed up!  Tilda Swinton is in David Bowie’s new music video, “The stars (are out tonight)”.  Watching them in this video, I wonder if they’ve been long time friends or if this is their first meeting.


Both Swinton and Bowie have that special magic that puts them in a different world, one foot on earth, and one foot on a cooler, more ethereal planet. What I especially love about both of them, is their amazing style, and the fact that they don’t ever seem to care about trends, they do their own thing, and they do it WELL!


About the video:

Amazingly, Tilda Swinton plays Bowie’s wife (debunking theories the two are actually the same person), while androgynous models-of-the-moment Andrej Pejic (sporting some amazing long, bejeweled fingernails) and Saskia de Brauw play a Sid & Nancy-esque celebrity couple. Of course, Pejic is the girl, while de Brauw is the boy. Norwegian model Iselin Steiro plays a young David Bowie.

Bowie and Swinton are a quiet, happy (if oddly similar-looking) suburban couple whose world is turned upside down by Pejic and de Brauw, in more ways than one. Genders and identities are switched, weird stuff happens on beds–including Pejic kissing Bowie–and our minds are blown.(via Fashionista.com)

Photos via izismile.com

**originally written for Notorious magazine

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