Ghost bike

A few weeks ago my husband took a photo of a bike that was chained outside of my son’s soccer field. The entire bike was spray painted white, spokes, tires…EVERYTHING. He thought it was some sort of street art but once he posted it on Facebook, he was told it was a “ghost bike”.  I started researching “ghost bikes” and learned that they are memorials for cyclists.

ghost-bike-dennis-dumm via midwesternenergynews

It started in 2003 in St Louis, Missouri. is an organization that helps install the memorials. Donated bikes are stripped, painted and placed as close to the scene as possible, with a plaque as a memorial. What better way to highlight the dangers to bicyclists.  The Ghostbike organization based in New York sponsors a memorial ride each spring for all of the cyclists and pedestrians that lost their lives.

ghost_bike500via boston

ghost_bike_0809_1via singletrackworld

Ghost_bike_-_Gustav-Adolf-Straße via fahrrad.wikiaIf any of you have bikes that are headed for the junk shop, please consider donating them to There are branches world wide.


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