Apartment Envy

I love checking out people’s apartments.  In one glance you can almost get a glimpse into who they are.  Although, sometimes I wish they wouldn’t bring the stylists in. I mean really…who has a house that neat and tidy? I wish there was a site that just left the spaces how they found them. It’d be fun to try to figure out how they manage their mess. Do they make piles? Are they hoarders? Do they buy expensive clothes and then leave them in heaps on the floor? Do they have an immaculate closet and yet don’t do their dishes? Hmmmm…lots to ponder….

I definitely have apartment envy for Dean Di Simone’s Soho loft. Dean is executive director and founding partner of Tender Creative. Now that I’m a New Yorker I can look at spacious lofts like this and know immediately that Dean is good at what he does! Check out his beautiful apartment below, and try to get some insight into who he is.  My personal favorite is his wall clock.












How does being a visual designer influence the way you have put your home together?
I love the idea that the more open the space the better, and letting it be defined by objects. A lot of the stuff in the apartment is new. There is also a lot of vintage objects – like the Japanese toys – ‘Kokeshi’ from the ‘60s – that I found in Kamakura, where I was visiting the Amida Buddha statue with friends from Tokyo.

I am also a big fan of good lighting designers. So in the apartment there are a lot of fixtures that have significance to me. Above the dining room table is a very famous Italian designer from the ‘50s. I have Tom Dixon lighting throughout the loft. Dixon employs an industrial, old school methodology of pressing glass and fabric forming that I love. He appropriates traditional heavy manufacturing to create simple yet dynamic objects.

via Freunde von Freunden (click here for the full interview and more photos)



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