Apartment time capsule

I LOVE any story about relics being found in attics, or abandoned apartments or houses that have been discovered after decades. I could sit and ponder about the lives and stories that surrounded those discoveries for ages.  During my college years in Virginia, my friends and I would take drives into the country. Whenever we passed abandoned farm houses on the side of the road, we’d stop the car and go explore. Quite often there were remnants of the past inhabitant’s lives… old jazz albums, cans of food, mirrors, and furniture. I couldn’t help but think how strange it was that whomever had lived there had just up and left.

I absolutely love the idea of time capsules. When I lived in Vienna, my husband’s co-worker told us a great story. His neighbor from two floors below knocked on his door complaining of water leaking.  They called the concierge, only to find out that no one really knew who lived in the apartment on the middle floor. They broke the lock and discovered that it had been abandoned. An artist by the name of Herbert Boeckl had used it as his studio. There were still paints, furniture and papers that had been untouched since the 60’s. Unfortunately much of it was water damaged.

The photos below are of an apartment in Paris that laid barren for 75 years. The woman who owned the apartment left for the south of France before the war and her family just discovered it. When they entered through the cobwebs, it was as if they had entered a time capsule and they even unearthed famous paintings by Giovanni Boldini worth millions of Euros.





via wherecoolthingshappen.com  and Brian Bales

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