Julian and his dog MAX!

There’s nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog. We’ve all read Where the red fern grows (and if you haven’t…then…get to it)! Stasha Becker (aka Northwestmommy) is a photographer, who has beautifully captured the bond between her son Julian (4) and her GIGANTOR, Newfoundland dog Max (5). ┬áMs Becker refers to her adoring duo as “Little J” and “Big M” and the three of them reside on an island North of Seattle. I feel a kindred spirit with her already! On her blog she has a category titled, “Little J Quotes”, where she lists all of the quirky-lovely things her son has said over the years.

Below are snippets from the interview between My Modern Met and Ms Becker. Read the full interview here.


What’s their friendship really like?
Max is 6 months older then Julian and he has been ‘looking after’ him since the day he was born. He is a very a sweet and obedient dog and he worships the ground my son walks on. My son helps me take care of Max and understands that he is the dog’s leader. But I have caught him snuggling up with Max or talking to him when I am not watching. They really do have a special bond that is impossible to recreate as an adult.


What do you hope others get out of them?
I hope this doesn’t sound selfish but I take these photos for me, my boys, my family: to remember how amazing my life is because I get to spend my days with them or for my son to be able to look back at his childhood and celebrate it. Somewhere along the way, others have joined us in this journey through social media and I have formed relationships with them. I got a lovely email tonight from a lady saying thank you for sharing our good life and making her day. And just like that she made mine. So, if we are spreading our happiness around the world, all the better!





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