Exclusive Interview with Lucy Baldock Sacchi of Lucy B’s Apothecary

In a stressful world full of taxes, housework and parenthood, there are some companies in this world, trying their best to heal and improve your lifestyle…and one of those companies is Lucy B’s Apothecary. They are based in Los Angeles and founded by international makeup artist, Lucy Baldock Sacchi, and photographer Marco Sacchi.  Having worked with clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Macpherson, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for over fifteen years, this talented duo applied their instincts and knowledge to form Lucy B’s Apothecary.

Their products include, AMAZING tinted lip gloss (I know…I use them and they were also a big hit at the Oscar red carpet), Eau de parfum and perfumed roll-ons (I LOVE the Pink Frangipani rose oil), Lip balm, Bronzing shimmer oil (I also LOVE this… it smells divine and gives you a beachy-glow), Body lotion and Body butter.

Lucy B

Lucy and Marco believe that “negative mental, emotional, and spiritual states have a harmful impact on the body”.  Their products are infused with flowers and essences that have been used for thousands of years in the Aboriginal culture of Australia and are known to enhance mood. For example, the Dog Rose flower helps you express yourself freely and eliminate fear.  Wearing this scent would be perfect for giving speeches or going on a first date! The Sturt Desert Rose flower helps you raise your self esteem and follow your convictions.  Think about how this could rock your world…by spritzing on this scent before pitching new ideas, heading into a PTA meeting, or trying on bathing suits!

Each product comes in a box with a lovely phrase that will induce SMILES, and their packaging is green and natural!  To learn more about Lucy B’s Apothecary, check out my interview with Lucy below:


To all of us out here who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a few things about yourself that most people know, and maybe a thing or two that most people don’t know.

I am from London and came to the USA in the 80’s, then we moved to Australia for 12 years and then launched our company Lucy B’s Apothecary. I worked all over the world as a make-up artist and love the USA, so we settled here.

I love how you are a British makeup artist, living in Los Angeles and you’re making products based on Australian Aboriginal essences.  In this day and age, with the Internet uniting the world, I think having a varied background is extremely important.  Was it difficult getting started with a new venture and how did your background come into play when you were creating Lucy B’s Apothecary?

We talked to many business people in the beauty product industry as we were very experienced in launching other people’s products but had to do two years of research and development to piece the whole puzzle together of how and where to launch. I really feel natural creating products and that’s the really fun part of the business … deciding on colors for packaging, and names of products. I consistently jot down ideas for creations and have so many great ones but the key to success is editing it all down to become cohesive as a range that all sit well together.

What I admire most about your company is that not only are you selling great products, but you’re promoting happiness and healing.  When did you become interested in the healing powers of Aboriginal flowers and essences? 

I was introduced to Australian flower essences by a naturopath in Sydney and was fascinated by how effective they were, I got to train with them and learn more about them and approached the company to supply us.The rest is history. I also am a qualified yoga teacher and love meditation. I don’t teach publicly, more with family and for my own practice.

I’m very aware of both the positive & the negative mind and understand that sayings and mantra work very well to help shift that in us all. We feel good spreading great vibes! and feel the world needs more of it..


Your company is growing quickly, with a new Apothecary spa line in the works, and then the fact that your lip gloss was a big hit on the Oscar red carpet.   It must be really exciting watching Lucy B’s Apothecary take off. What is your secret for success?

BALANCE is key. I have become more disciplined now with daily yoga and meditation, eating right and clocking off at certain times in the week. When we started we always worked weekends and evenings. I found this wasn’t working for me or my family very well and made the conscious decision to clock off and put that work away. I truly love my work but I think it’s very easy to always work when it’s your own creation.

I think as people we all need to understand time is so precious and to actually make time for each other, book that baby sitter, get that mani pedi or massage,and spend time with friends & family. We really know how fortunate we are and feel grateful to live in such a beautiful country, and as most ventures have really had ups and downs and when one of us was about done with the challenges in business the other would pep talk the other.

We get to travel to NYC, London, Milan, Sydney and Paris every year  which is really great. We find such joy in simple things, just being home reading, and walking the dogs. We also love growing our tomatoes, fresh herbs and orchids. We plan weekends away, outings into nature; we love the desert & the ocean, hikes, dinner with family & friends. We also love the movies and fun social mediums like Pinterest and Polyvore. I love a day of pure inspiration at local flea markets. We also love book stores and museums, we recently joined the Norton Simon in Pasadena which is truly fantastic.

My husband Marco Sacchi (Italian) is co-creator of our line and is super creative as a photographer and artist and we both get inspiration from all elements of life & nature. We’re big animal lovers and have dogs and fish at home.  We love to find & create inspiring quotes and share our lifestyle and how we work on balance like everyone else. One of our mottos which we live by is, “we believe a good laugh is an essential every day“.  It helps us feel lighter and more inspired.

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You can follow Lucy B’s Apothecary on Facebook and on Pinterest. Lucy B’s Apothecary products are available at Lucy B’s BeautyBeauty.com, Fred Segal and many spas and Apothecaries.

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