Several years ago my sister sent me a book called, Postsecret: Extraordinary confessions from ordinary lives. It is now a prized possession. Journalist Frank Warren sent out a request for people to send in a decorated post card anonymously with one secret written on it that they had never revealed to anyone…and it was a HUGE success. Postcards came in from far and wide full of secrets.  Since 2005 he has compiled collections of PostSecrets and now has five books.


I have a hard time with secrets.  I don’t think they are healthy AT all.  In my life, there have been secrets that have caused much pain and I also believe that if you hold something dark and powerful inside of you for too long, you can cause harm to your body. What I’ve learned from PostSecrets is that secrets come in all shapes and sizes and that we ALL have secrets, and by writing them down, and mailing them away…we are releasing them.



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via Mademoiselle Charlene Davidson via The Huffington Post



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