There is HOPE for GAP!

In retail, a creative director’s lifespan at a company is often limited. This was the case with Gap.  They had been struggling for years to retain their once prominent place in the spotlight. Six months ago they hired, 42 year old Rebekka Bay as their new creative director.  Many people are comparing her to Jenna Lyons, creative director and president of J. Crew.

I’m sure everyone is hoping indeed that Ms Bay will be the next Jenna Lyons. Ms Lyons has greatly transformed J. Crew’s sales and image in the world of retail.  Gap desperately needs an overhaul and I’m personally hoping that Ms Bay is it.

Ms Bay’s line won’t be available until 2014 but the sneak previews are getting me VERY excited. I LIKE what I see and I’ll be excited to see Gap finally succeed!






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