Dove’s Real Beauty sketches

Some of you might be aware of Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign in the last few years, showcasing “REAL” natural beauty…curves, freckles, and wrinkles.  When my daughter was being made fun of for her ears sticking out this year, my husband pulled out the laptop and sat her down and showed her the ladies in the Dove campaign. He asked her if she thought they were weird looking or ugly and she said she thought they were all beautiful…but in completely different ways. I try my best to guide my daughter in the world of 4th grade girls….and I do this because I know what the world of women is like.  There are SO many amongst us that only choose to see what they consider to be flaws…when they really should be concentrating on their best parts…because that’s what the rest of us see.

This ad campaign is poignant, emotional and BEAUTIFUL. Dove…you’re doing a GREAT thing for our children! I LOVE how they end it with, “You are more beautiful than you think”.

Dove’s vision:

Dove® is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their
full potential—but we need your help.

We’re building a movement in which women everywhere have the tools to take action and inspire
each other and the girls in their lives. It could be as simple as sending a word of encouragement
to a girl in your life or supporting self-esteem education in your town.

From mentoring the next generation to celebrating real beauty in ourselves and others, we can open
a world of possibilities for women and girls everywhere.

via Mademoiselle Charlene Davidson via The Huffington Post

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