Cool idea – Rock art!

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that are beautiful, a giant leaf, a cloud in the sky, a ROCK…yup….a ROCK. I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a bowl of painted rocks on my coffee table, they’re organic, natural and INTERESTING. The beauty is, that you can pretty much find a rock on any corner or in any park, and all it takes are some Sharpie markers, or some acrylic paints and you’ve got a piece of ART.  How cool would some painted rocks look in the garden, in a pile, or lining a walkway.

rock art

(1-Mechant design, 2- Art Judy, 3- Decorhacks, 4- The Art of being creative, 5- Geninne’s Art Blog)

Or…instead of patterns, why not create rock “people”.  This is a great craft activity for kids…set them on a hunt for rocks in a park, grab some magic markers, and some glue and have them create a rockin’ family!


via Ingela P Arrhenius


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