Illustrator – Sophie Blackall

When I first moved to New York, eight months ago, I experienced culture shock. I had just spent the last seven years of my life living in a culture (Vienna, Austria) that was pristine, organized and quiet. I entered into life in New York and immediately all of my senses were assaulted at the same time….garbage, loud yelling, cursing, homelessness abound, and VERY bright lights.  Slowly, each month, little bursts of happiness would pop through that shock and settle me.

I often take the subway from Forest Hills, Queens into Manhattan.  While on the subway, a sea of people from every culture, age and gender rides with me….and for awhile so did the AMAZING painting by British Illustrator Sophie Blackall.  She captured the COMPLETE essence of life in New York, and her painting was my ray of light for the first few months of living here.

sophie 1


Check out Ms Blackall’s Etsy shop here.

via Etsy

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