YORZ Razor Grips

Check out this SUPER cool new product!!  There are two things that make it cool. First, my sister invented it…(yup…she’s truly brilliant) and…secondly, the product itself is useful, colorful, comfy…and AWESOME! (Ok, that’s more than two). YORZ razor grips are colorful grips that slide onto any brand disposable (with a straight handle) razor. They come in an assortment of bright colors, they hang from your shower caddy, they make shaving easier with their comfy grip and…you will no longer mistakenly be using someone else’s razor. Pretty cool, eh?

A Bolt of Blue -disposable razors LinkNicoll Yorz_@LinkNicoll_003


Other cool features include:

Your razors will last longer due to the hooked handle that will allow your razor to hang from your shower caddy…keeping your blade from rusting.  It is also dermatologist approved and the grip contains antimicrobial additives. If you share your shower with granny, grandpa, sister Sue and brother John, then you can each have your own grip to identify your razors…NO MORE mixups!
A Bolt of Blue - Yorz_@LinkNicoll_014A Bolt of Blue - Yorz Razor grips

Just think how much better your shaving experience could be!  YORZ razor grips are available on Amazon. Happy Shaving!


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