Weekend in Portlandia

Last weekend I ventured to Portland (Oregon).  I had been many times before but not in the last ten years.  We arrived in the late evening on Friday, checked into our hotel and headed out for our first night’s adventure.  Nothing was planned or researched, and yet we stumbled upon a Vietnamese restaurant with cool decor and great food, snuck into Powell’s bookstore just before closing, and then ended the evening in the Pearl district having a night cap at a lovely Spanish bar.

The rest of the weekend, we hunted for street art, brunched in an old school hipster diner where the waitstaff were tatted up and we were surrounded by damask wallpaper…and great tunes were wafting from the speakers. We taste-tested espresso, checked out one of the coolest comic book stores I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to A LOT…my husband is a comic book geek) and took in all the coolness.

If you’ve never been to Portland, it’s Seattle’s little sister, but whereas Seattle is on the Puget Sound, surrounded by mountains and islands, Portland rests on the Willamette river.  What Portland lacks in natural beauty, it makes up for in coolness.  Some of the neighborhoods in Portland that I visited put Williamsburg, Brooklyn to shame. If there was a hipster-coolness contest, Portland would win hands down, the art, street art and eclectic energy doesn’t feel contrived like it does in Williamsburg. VIVA PORTLANDIA!

A Bolt of Blue - Portland, Oregon

1 – Jade Rivera, 2 – Faith47, 3 – Henry’s Tavern, 5 – Lewis HarrisA Bolt of Blue - Portland, Oregon

artist Jade RiveraA Bolt of Blue - Portland, Oregon

LOVE the trash cans on Alberta street!
A Bolt of Blue - Portland, OregonA Bolt of Blue - Portland, OregonA Bolt of Blue - Portland, Oregon

Each year muralists from all over the world come to paint Portland’s walls organized by Forest for the Trees.

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