Street art – Seattle

In the last six months, I’ve been getting to know Seattle all over again. Each weekend is an adventure, rediscovering one neighborhood after another, and happily snapping lots of photos of art along the way. Lots has changed in Seattle in ten years, but one thing that hasn’t…are the kiosk-like telephone polls. When I first moved to Seattle in the early 90’s the telephone polls were COVERED (and I mean COVERED…layers and layers and LAYERS) of flyers…announcing bands, special events and movie openings…stapled, one on top of the other.  The artwork on the flyers has drastically improved over the years and I find myself wanting to know more about the artists. Check out the cool artwork lurking in Seattle…

A Bolt of Blue - Street Art SeattleFlyers on the telephone polls

A Bolt of Blue - Diana Falchuk (Seattle artist)Seattle artist Diana Falchuk, took to de-constructing the layers of flyers to create new masterpieces. This is the Dorothy Pole: Where is Hope?

A Bolt of Blue - Street Art SeattleArt is EVERYWHERE!

A Bolt of Blue - Street Art SeattleUtility boxes on Broadway in Capital Hill

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