Going to Disneyland – A Guidebook for KIDS!

My pal Shannon (whom I introduced you to here) just wrote an AMAZING book! It’s amazing due to the fact that 1) It’s a guide to visiting Disneyland FOR kids. 2) Did I mention it’s about DISNEYLAND?! and..3) It’s BEAUTIFULLY illustrated not only by Shannon herself, but many other talented illustrators. It includes tips, fun facts and activities, and will help make your visit even MORE magical. If you have any future plans to head to Disneyland with your kids, your grandkids, your neighbor’s kids or any kid you meet on the street, then PLEASE check out this cooler than cool guidebook!

Words of wisdom from the author herself…

gtd-books” When my oldest son was seven, we were planning a trip to Disneyland. I headed to the kids’ section of the old Lafayette library to get him a guidebook for kids about the park and was so surprised to find out that they didn’t have any! Not only that but, when I looked into it further, I couldn’t find any at all. Sure, there were guidebooks about how to go to Disneyland WITH kids but nothing FOR kids. Being an illustrator, graphic designer, writer and Disney devotee, I knew I had my next project. 

     As I was writing the book, a fellow Disney fan shared an interesting theory with me. She said that if you go to Disneyland as a child, you will always have a magical feeling about it—and if you go for your first time as an adult, you’ll never quite understand what all the fuss is about. I was three when I first visited Disneyland and my most vivid memory was being absolutely thrilled riding Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought the pirates were really firing cannons over our heads! 

A Bolt of Blue - Going to Disneyland Guide      To me, Disneyland is the most special Disney park—not only because I went there when I was young but because it’s the one Walt Disney himself created. He was so successful because he never lost that sense of wonder about the world that every child has. It’s so cool that we can visit Disneyland, walk in his footsteps, experience the things he himself oversaw and recapture that wondrous joy of childhood that he knew so well.A Bolt of Blue - Going to Disneyland Guide     If you are giving this book to a child, I hope it enhances their visit—and yours—and helps them enjoy a lifelong, nostalgic glow each time they return to the park. If you’re an adult reader with no kids in sight, I warmly welcome you! I hope you enjoy this book —and Disneyland—just as much as the kids do. Have a magical time!

You can buy your copy of Going to Disneyland here!

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