What was James Dean thinking?

My older sister introduced me to James Dean when I was a teenager.  She watched East of Eden, and A Rebel Without a Cause and instantly became smitten. She then ordered a life size black and white poster of Dean that adorned her bedroom wall for years.  He became a part of our household.A Bolt of Blue - What was James Dean thinking?

There’s a lot to be fascinated with…his sultry good looks, his acting presence, and of course his untimely death at the age of 24. One can’t help but wonder how his life would have played out had he not gotten in that fateful car accident.  There is much written about Dean, about his troubled childhood. His mother died when he was 9 and his father sent him to live with his aunt and uncle who were Quakers. There are rumors that he was then molested by his minister. He drove recklessly, chain smoked and was overheard saying he would most likely be dead by the age of 30.

Here are a few things you might not have known:

1. The Porsche Spider that Dean died in was nicknamed Little Bastard.

2. He only made three films: Giant, East of Eden and A Rebel Without a Cause, the latter two were actually released after his death.

3. He was not known for his cleanliness. Apparently he wore the same shirt for two weeks straight without washing it, while shooting Giant.

4. He was the first actor to get a posthumous Academy award nomination for both Giant and East of Eden.

In all of his photos, he looks solemn and pensive…like he’s reciting poetry in his head or thinking back on his childhood. What was he thinking?A Bolt of Blue - What was James Dean thinking?

Maybe…he was thinking about doing his laundry, or buying more cigarettes or considering buying a minivan…

via biography.com and flavorwire



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