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We just returned to our house after ten years of renting it. The minute we opened the front door, a stale musty smell wafted past. We assessed the damage and realized the hardwood floors are scratched, the heating vents are full of ten years of dust, the house just seems sad.  I’ve spent many hours re-caulking, re-grouting and scrubbing in an attempt to lift the sad malaise that has entombed my house.  What I really need is to get this house’s qi flowing…it needs good energy! Time for some Feng shui!

“Feng shui, literally translated as “wind and water,” is a 5,000-year-old Chinese system and theory based on a set of universal principles and laws of nature, applied to our living environment.” In Vienna I had heard that a popular grocery store chain had hired Feng shui architects to come plan new stores, creating better flows of energy, in turn leading to higher sales. I also remember stories of a friend who said her company hired Feng shui experts who would come through the office at night, rearranging the flow of energy and when everyone returned in the morning, their desks would be moved, and everything would be switched around.

I have always liked the idea of chi, in body and in design. It’s easy to see that there is an energy inside of a house. It’s important to have good energy flow.

Here are a few simple Feng shui principles that I thought were interesting.
A Bolt of Blue - Energizing your home





The front door is apparently VERY important in Feng shui, it controls the energy coming and going out of the house.  “Painting your front door green is said to bring growth; red can bring wealth; blue, relaxation; and brown, stability.








Here’s one that I need to concentrate on…

A Bolt of Blue - Energizing your home








“Clutter is the archnemesis of Feng shui. Air and energy should always be moving, and clutter is like a stop sign to energy, trapping it and keeping you stuck in the past.”  The more organized you are, the better the energy flow, especially near the front door. So…put up coat hooks, and shoe racks…the more clutter  around the front door, the less energy.
A Bolt of Blue - Energizing your home










One simple thing you can do is add PLANTS! They clean the air and bring energy to the home. Just make sure they are pruned and well maintained as anything dead, dying or broken is NOT good for energy flow.  (that means half of my furniture needs to be replaced…)








“Music is a positive and soothing element in Feng shui. If your home is too quiet, you may have an abundance of yin, or passive energy — which could affect your whole family, even making you unwell.”

You should also hide your electronics (enclose them behind cabinets) as much as possible, they should not be out in the open, alarm clocks should be three feet away from the bed (that’ll definitely get you out of bed in the morning!), open windows to keep air moving and to release bad energy, and blue-gray tones help induce calm. (phew, I just painted my house 50 shades of gray and blue).

So, open those windows, listen to some tunes and go buy some plants!A Bolt of Blue - Energizing your home

Via Feng Shui Basics for a Happy Home – Houzz

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