Uniqlo Artist series T-shirts

Uniqlo has THE coolest t-shirts on sale at the moment! First they decked out their stores with pop art flowers, bananas and free photo booths to promote their collaboration with the Andy Warhol foundation.  Now, they’ve covered their windows with Keith Haring figures and are promoting both Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. They’re going fast…..so hop into a store or go online and buy one ASAP!

Andy warhol-Uniqlo


Keith Haring-Uniqlo




** The Basquiat and Keith Haring shirts are only in Men’s sizes but they have an XS.I bought my 12 year old son the XS green Keith Haring shirt. (dearest Uniqlo….dudes aren’t the only ones that like these two artists by the way…..)

The Warhol shirts come in kid’s sizes as well.

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