Botanical decor

I happen to be a plant lover. I love big bushy ferns, trailing down over the edges of my book cases tickling and tempting my kitties. It’s so important to have plants inside the home, to filter out toxins and oxygenate stale winter air.  If you’re not particularly good at growing things, then you might opt for botanical prints. I’m sure just looking at nature does something to the soul.

A Bolt of Blue - Botanical decor1 – SF Girl by Bay, 2 – Desire to Inspire, 3 – MartheBo.No, 4 – VT WohnenA Bolt of Blue - Botanical decor1 – The Shiny Squirrel, 2 – Amsterdam Aeroport, 3 – Nordic Design CollectiveA Bolt of Blue - Botanical decor1 – From Poland With Love, 2 – Menno Kroon, 3 – The Rural Society, 4 – RemodelistaA Bolt of Blue - Botanical decor1 – Urbinite, 2 –  I Am Not A Celebrity, 3 – Babble

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