Five COOL ideas!

Now that spring has finally SPRUNG, it’s time to work on some spring crafts.  I love the idea of making homemade leather tassels and adding them to your sandals, or adding floral patchwork to your jeans! Check out all the cool ideas below…

A Bolt of Blue - Five COOL ideas!

DIY Floral patchwork jeans via A pair & a spare

A Bolt of Blue - Five COOL ideas!Ok, Auntie Joan was against wire hangers, but with some added yarn embellishment and fabrics….wire hangers are COOL! via Cut Out and Keep and Pinterest

A Bolt of Blue - Five COOL ideas!It’s TULIP season! What a cool idea, to personalize them! via Oh Crafts

A Bolt of Blue - Five COOL ideas!DIY leather tassels add some interest to summer sandals. Via Honestly WTF

A Bolt of Blue - Five COOL ideas!I don’t know about you, but I’m SO ready to throw an outdoor party, so why not make your beverage cooler look BEAUTFIUL with fingerpaint!

via Aunt Peaches

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