Dr. Martens Street Style

This winter I noticed a lot of people in Manhattan wearing Dr. Marten’s combat boots, and the funny thing was that hipsters were wearing them and they were all polished and new, not the ratty twenty year old ones I have stuck in my mind from the 80’s and 90’s. When I did a search of Dr’s Martens on the internet I saw a lot of off-duty models wearing them, which makes me laugh…they go from wearing mile-high stilettos on the runways to Dr. Martens in their off hours. What I also saw, were lots of young-creative-funksters and that made me happy…those are my favorite type of people!

A Bolt of Blue - Dr. Marten's Street Style1 – Gurl, 2 – Style Snooper Dan, 3 –Awwhhsnap, 4 – Vogue Guy, 5 – SorakeemA Bolt of Blue - Dr. Marten's Street Style1 – Raddest Looks, 2 – The Locals, 3 – The Front Row View, 4 – Elle, 5 – DapperdeanA Bolt of Blue - Dr. Marten's Street Style1 – Who What Wear, 2 – Lady Moriarty, 3 – Her New Tribe, 4 – Chictopia, 5 – You Are Not IlonaA Bolt of Blue - Dr. Marten's Street Style1 – Facehunter, 2 – International Street Style, 3 – SF Looks, 4 – Street Style by Stela, 5 – Henry Nicolls

Surprisingly I didn’t come across many photos of the floral patterns or any of the newer polka dot or Scotch plaid Docs.  I guess most people prefer the neutrality of black.  If you’re hankering for a new pair of Doc’s or want to check out their new spring styles check out their website.


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