Big Banks and Small cafés

I just figured out a problem I have with NYC…the banks take up all the real estate. They usually occupy the corner units on a block, with lots of windows…and SPACE…housing a couch, a counter and two desks. For NYC it feels freakish!  The problem I have is that while the banks are HUGE, the cafés…are not!  They are like closets, and if you’re lucky there’s one or two stools.  When I first moved here I didn’t know anyone, and I just wanted to locate a decent espresso and sit and take in the city. NOPE…not a possibility…especially in Queens.  I do have to say that I’m really happy to see the emergence of so many Euro-style cafés popping up in the recent year. It’s getting less hard to find a non-Starbucks espresso, and a lot of new places are REALLY good!  However, I still can’t get a seat…so here’s what I’m proposing. Why not do a joint venture…café-banking. Everyone needs to deposit their checks and access their money, and they are also really addicted to coffee and would like to actually sit on those couches in those spacious banks.  Maybe the hundredth person in for the day gets a free savings account? Ok, I admit it might be a nightmare on the security side of things but from a proportion standpoint…it just makes sense. Think of the possibilities…A Bolt of Blue - Cafe/Bank

A Bolt of Blue - Cafe/BankA Bolt of Blue - Cafe/BankA Bolt of Blue - Cafe/BankPhoto credits: 1, 2, 3, 4


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